our preferred saturday morning routine

it is set on the mental calendar of every saturday of every month
it just does not happen that ways
as we all know things do not always go as planned
especially in the world of parents of two children under 4 years old

yet even with the obstacles and all the doubt we were able to make it happen
lisa was a few minutes late
she was late
she made it
even though my head hurt due to a hang over caused by a company party
I made it too

we each made it to our saturday morning yoga class at the ayc (ashtanga yoga center)

it was a good work out
I could feel the work out that I had
I could see the work out that lisa had

like the old Calgon ad......"yoga........ take me away"
(calgon...take me away? maybe you are too young)
it can be theraputic; yoga that is... calgon? I do not know
my intention is to do more yoga
lets see what I come up with

still very curious about Bikram
maybe that is what I need to get me to my desired race weight for this season

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