Punk Rock and Peter Pan Syndrome

it is unclear to me whether the people prone to the Peter Pan Syndrome are also the same types of people that were drawn to Punk Rock in their youths
or if the ideals of Punk Rock instilled a Peter Pan Syndrome in certain individuals
either way.... I know many people who grew up hanging in the "punk scene" many of have a visible "Peter Pan Syndrome" still today

summers off
sledding on snow days
refusing to commit to a steady job
refusing to commit to anything
maintaining a love for the things they loved when they were younger
(for some that love is for music: playing or listening, while for others it may be skateboarding or mountainbiking, while for others it may be fine arts or simply hanging out)
and even dressing like they are in junior high
(you know the Nike Bruins with the blus swoosh, the oddly colored cordaroys, the adidas zip up sweat shirt and the unkempt hair)
then of couse the late nights and the late mornings

these are just a few characteristics of the Punk Rocker with Peter Pan Syndrome

but for some this Peter Pan Syndrome may backfire

what happens when this Punk Peter Pan type wants to have some of the things in life that their parents had.... a house... a car.... a family.... a luxurious vacation?

for all things worth having there comes a sacrifice....

in my life I have always kept one foot in the conventional
always knowing that there were things in the conventional world that I wanted
thinking that I could obtain these things of the conventional world in unconventional ways...
no I never saught super stardom as a musician or an athlete
I was never that motivated
no... I don't even play the lottery
tried to start my own business with mixed results
eventually had to give into "the man"
had to punch his clock so that I could cash his check
and you know what.... it is not so bad

boss is in

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