Scripting Our Own Misery

in life we most often have no one else to blame for the state of affairs other than ourselves...

weight problems
crappy job
go down the list.....
in most each and every case we created that situation
if we do not like the situation we can change it
it may not be easy
but we can change it

this could never be more true than as a parent with kids
sure kids are going to be individuals and have different personalities
for the most part most of what the children do is a product of our guidance
eating habits
their ability to clean up
a child's ability to dress themselves
you name it
the parents are partially responsible for the direction in which each habit goes
or if the child never learns such things

some children are easier than others
some children just fit right into place
some children need a little more "corralling" (herding?)
while I am sure there may be a child out there that just does what is told..... but that child is not in my house

in the end.... it is up to the parents to guide that child into the most healthy direction

this new generation of parents has its flaws
in an effort to be better parents than the generation before us
we often do too much for our kids
well.... that is combined with our fast paced lives with our deadline agenda
we rush over and help them with their socks
we pull up their pants after they pee
we help them with their shoes
sure it is faster that way
but wouldn't it be better to slow down and let them do it at their pace
yes.... but we do not always have time
so we tend to enable a child's helplessness
if someone else wanted to wipe my ass..... I would most certainly give up the task!
(any takers)

as a parent I am trying to give my two boys more space
allow them to play with the toys how they want to play with them
they have their own agenda
try not to intervene in everything
sure I want the Thomas the Train track to do a loop... that is what makes most sense to me
but.... that just may not be what Dean is working on at the time


there was no mention of bikes or bicycles

for those without kids.... print this blog out
cross out kids and insert your type of pet; dog, cat, fish, or snake
and it may make more sense to you

and to those with a need to read about bikes.... go down to the previous rant

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Sooz said...

i also find that some kids don't pretend much. i babysit two of this kind and try to encourage pretending and being creative without a computer, tv, or a video game. it's hard though when that stuff is what they really are interested in, not books, building forts out of pillows and that sort of thing.