snow has me thinking of snowshoe
or this year the 24 Hours of Big Bear

this is an article in DIRTWORLD about the team I raced with at the 24 Hours of Snowshoe by one of my team mates who is also one of the City Bikes Team founders

it is worth a look just to see how large I am compared to most cyclists
it would be more dramatic if my brother, who is 6'2", were not standing by my side

saw an amusing post on a roadie forum by someone that referred to himself as a human clydesdale
was going to email him but did not think the join/login was worth the time
more than likely he is 180 or so
not what I would call a CLYDESDALE

the author of that article is currently in Mexico City
wonder how the cycling culture is keeping him entertained down there
apparently there are three velodromes in Mexico City
it would be interesting to check out

Joe talks about a Critical Mass Ride in DC that acted as a quasi-anti-inagural ride
(correction... joe did not make that entry on Single Speed Outlaw.... thatBLOG has a magazine format)

DC needs to embrace mountainbiking
stop telling mountainbikers to get to the back of the metaphorical back of the bus

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