sometimes superficial changes effect us on a deeper level

cleaning the work area, the tool bench, or the garage can allow for more freedom and desire to work and tinker on bikes

changing the template on my blog got me to care enough about my BLOG to clean up and update my FRIENDS and LINKS as well as go back to the HALO SCAN Comments rather than the Blogger Comments..... which I think was causing a hindrance to the desire to comment

with all that said I rode my Rocky Mountain Blizzard to work today
this was a bike that I raced for years and reserved for riding and racing on dirt
since I moved to the 29 inch wheel bikes I find less enjoyment in the 26 inch wheel bikes
but I dread my Cannondale Commuter although I love the fenders and functionality
just hate the ride


I want to lose the feel of ALUMINUM
so rather than letting the Blizzard collect dust I pulled the beast out of the garage and put it back on the road
it was a joy to turn a wrench for a bit
everything was set up pretty tight so it was just a check for confidence more than anything
or at least nothing drastic
then air in the tires
as well as trying to swap out the pedals, well, pedal, not sure why one pedal remained
and the one that remained
remains because it can not be removed
so I found an semi-matching Shimano SPD when I was trying to upgrade to my new TIME pedals accepting that I may need to either get that crank in a vise or buy a new crank arm

it is not that cold and not that far into the weather and I am already burned out in the local loops that I am able to fit in on my pre and post work rides
I miss dirt
the freeze then thaw and mist, fog, and rain are all keeping things from drying out
warm weather seems nice
frozen does have its advantages
with the short days night riding on hard pack frozen is something that I crave
switching bikes is a good idea
it was more fun
a tad less than inspiring
a new or different bike is what I need
maybe a new cross bike that actually fits
it would give me all that I need out of a road bike
make me feel fast when I am actually slow
and then when next year's cross season comes along I will have a refreshed feel for the cross season
my Jamis Nova is a nice little set up with the after market Paul's Levers and Spooky Brakes
the frame is way too small
it was used with its original parts.... the price was right and I was still riding 26 inch mountainbikes so I was confused about fitting
the step up to 29ers has altered my fitting perspective across the board
oh... did I forget the TUFO Tires
maybe I just need a frame?
I may think about that.... maybe a Surly or maybe even a little more for a Ridley
then see what it would cost to have CITY BIKES do the break down and set up of the old and the new
I love to work on my own bikes
but two things
I lack the time
I lack the time
okay a few more things... when swapping out parts from one bike to another it is never as easy as just one trip to the bike shop looking for a specialty part....
rinse and repeat
so..... it is a long shot
but I need to try and sell my Football Cards.... Baseball Cards..... and unload some stuff..... some random bike stuff
a few bikes
I have my Kona Huma Huma Nuka Nuka Apuha ah.... which would make a great poor man's single speed... rides like a tank!
then my old trek commuter...... which I have thought should be retired.... was thinking of getting some drastically reduced christmas lights and doing a tight wrap of lights around the whole frame and put it on the roof of the house... not for christmas.... but for life
the of couse the Cannondale.... which would be a good bike even just for parts
seems like time to get out the digital camera and take a trip to eBAY
eBAY a place I have never been
eBAY a place I have been scared and hesitant to go to
eBAY is like VEGAS to me.... I fear that I would like what Vegas has to offer
it is dangerous to like vegas

maybe the idea of a new bike would inspire me to want to ride more
or maybe I should clean my garage and work area
get my shop set up in the basement so I can finish building up that bike for my wife and that old Bennotto frame that I have been dragging around my life for years
never ridden.... just dragged
not sure if it was a trade or I won it in a poker game
and my memory goes back a long time
that is how long I have been dragging that thing around for

I fear the time commitment of the whole eBAY effort
I am excited about the opportunity for the experience

did I mention that my 20th high school reunion is this year
I don't feel old
am I old?
are people who celebrate their 20th high school reunion old
when you are 17 you think you are too cool to ever care about a thing like a reunion
well when you are 37 the whole idea means something different?
the main thing is I need to plan
and I will have to get a babysitter

(okay..... no need for a babysitter...... just as I have no desire for me to be dragged along to lisa's high school reunions..... I do not want to put her through that.... and honestly... I feel it would make more sense to mix, mingle, catch up, and yuk it up.... there will be a few pictures of the family in my wallet)

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