strange world
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the World of the BLOG and the BLOGGER

just the other day I blogged on about various BLOGGERS who had been fired from their jobs for BLOGGING
went ahead today to read some more of their postings
when what did I find?
I found that one was Blogging about the other!
Very Odd!
tried making a comment.... but did not want to jump through the hoops needed to do so

Queen of the Sky

was blogging about Leta's hot mom Heather with the clever sense of humor
(as well as what may be the most organized BLOG I have ever encountered)

both worth checking into
not just because they are cute blondes
because they are cute blonde bloggers!

*I hope that Leta's hot mom's husband jon has a sense of humor and does not come 2/3 across the country to kick my white ass for blogging about his wife

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