so I was having a little email correspondence with one of my bicycle freak friends that got me hooked on this BLOG thing, Cross Tim, when he mentioned the SURLY BLOG.... asking if it was a site that I ever visited.... of course knowing that I have two Surly Karate Monkey's and that I am an urban cyclist with a love for dirt.

yes... I had been to this site... but it had been a while
time to go back

so I did a GOOGLE

GOOGLE got me there, but rather than going straight to the surf spot that was my intended distinating I did a little right click on one of the other links and opened up some random BLOGGER's page where he was ranting on about something called BLOG EXPLOSION

he was artful and clever in his wonderful rant that bashed and destroyed this concept of the BLOG EXPLOSION
a BLOG CONCEPT that I had never heard of
his metaphor for high school was not as close to the pulse of things as his observations on BLOGGERS thenselves and why they BLOG and some of their BLOG AMBITIONS

I thought about the blog
and how
the blog can be many things to me
the blog can be an outlet
the blog can be a way of communicating with others
the blog can be a way of keeping a journal and a document of my ever changing life
the blog can be a compulsion with minimal pleasure
the blog can be creative
the blog can be informative
the blog can be many things
the blog is many things
the blogger is just as complex (or just as boring as the case may be)

this blog is a way of killing time
time I just ran out of

oh... so here it is
that artful rant (well worth a look)
and the artful rant guy looks like he gets points by me going to the link from him
points... marriage works on points
I think my time would be better spent earning points from my wife
rather than earning points from BLOG EXPLOSION (which is also an interesting concept.... but does not seem to be my thing... it may not be what I am seeking)

just recently my friend SOOZ busted me for sending her an email that was more a plug saying "READ MY BLOG" rather than actually saying hello


I think I am going to brush my teeth and hit the hay
way past my bedtime
well my sensible bedtime
when right on time for my foolishly late bedtime

will have to read the SURLY BLOG at work tomorrow as I get into my work groove

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