this weekend I bought three DVDs

Winged Migration
double thumbs up
although it is not better than Baraka as my friend Rob tried to express to me

Napoleon Dynamite
also scores two thumbs up
original and fun
reminds me of myself
although Napoleon is a better dancer

Riding Giants
also scoring two thumbs up!
not quite the epic classic Dogtown and Z Boys
but definitely awesome
also not as good as Endless Summer
it is foolish to go around comparing each movie.... I should just let them stand on their own
I have been itching to buy Endless Summer and another Bruce Brown Classic; On Any Sunday*

*over thanksgiving weekend while in pittsburgh I did find that all best buy stores are created equal
there was a best buy that had all movies I could have wanted including those Bruce Brown films
the asiles were large enough to walk through
the DVDs were not all stacked up blocking each other
I am still not sure why I did not buy these films while i had them in hand... guess the first season of the ANDY GRIFITH SHOW distracted me


random said...

I think recurring themes are healthy in a blog. I try to bring in new material but not always successful. Your world can only be so broad, remember we don't see new things all the time, just some of the time, our blogs reflect this.


Redlack said...

I signed up for Netflix last week (it rocks). Well, that and I went from a 13" TC/VCR combo to a widescreen w/ a home theatre setup. Still have the rabbit ears though. F Cable!

Anywho, I watched Riding Giants three times this weekend. I agree that endless summer is a better flick. But the stuff that they are doing in Riding Giants is unreal. For most people It's though to relate to the magnitude of those waves. It's kinda like trying grasp the tour without ever having raced a bike.

Greg Noll was cool. Kinda like the clydesdale of the surfing world. I like his style.

gwadzilla said...

greg noll was very cool
I did like his style

most definitely reminds me of a Clydesdale

those stories are awesome

those guys are the best of the best
while I am just one of the many out there
for me out their on the bike not on the board

Laird Hamilton is an awesome athlete
he makes it all look too easy
almost as if it is just a ride without any danger

I remember being out west on big powder days
one time I had linked up with a posse' of riders I did not usually hang with
we were having a great session in the trees with a mixture of some slight out of bounds hikes
we were going fast and hard
hitting some nice natural jumps and rollers
we intersected with some other riders and they asked if we minded if they hung along
one of the better riders, gumby, said No
then he explained that we were an over six foot crew
and we did not want to be bothered by the little guys and their spin tricks

it made sense
at 6'4" it never really occured to me that I could be doing a 720!

I as curious how some of those big wave guys handle small waves and short boards...

this winter I plan on watching that movie again as I ride my bike on the trainer in the basement
but thus far it has not been so cold that I can not ride outside

although it would make more sense for me to ride after the kids go to bed
when honestly.... after putting the kids to bed
I just want to put my feet up and have a glass of wine (or three)

gwadzilla said...

have you seen On Any Sunday
it is spectacular
dirt bikes in the early 70's
all over the country
it is so much like the grass roots feeling of some mountainbike races
with NETFLIXS you should put it on your request list

Redlack said...

It's probably been 15 years since I last watched On Any Sunday. I spent a fair amount of time riding motocross bikes growing up so the film was of special interest. Perhaps I'll have a different appreciation for it now.I'll be sure to add it to my hit list.