This weekend I found an email in my YAHOO Account INBOX
the Subject line read, "YOUR CAR DOOR MAY BE A DEATHTRAP!"
the email resting with numerous others from various Honda Dealers make me think
that this message was in reference to the Suicide Doors of the Honda Element; something that I am aware of and quite cautious about
but NO!
the message was cycling related
there is a cycling advocate out there trying to educate Car Drivers and Cyclists about the Dangers of the Door Zone!
or as he says, "YOUR CAR DOOR IS A DEATHTRAP!"

here is a post from our converstation
the author of the site took the liberty of using this image of me without my beard

Joel Gwadz, Somewhere in the USA 1.21.05

last night splitting bumper to bumper traffic I had to watch out for all the people jumping out of taxis an limos never thinking to look back. That is why I was in the middle of the road riding on the double yellow line when an officer told me the law was to ride to the right. I corrected him and said the law was to ride as far to the right as is deemed safe by me at that point the center of the road was as far right as I felt safe considering the door zone and double parkers!

-- Joel

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