Those wacky bracelets.....

it seems that this whole bracelet thing has become a monster of its own....
for many it is more about the bracelet than the cause

I admit that I do sport both the Yellow LIVESTRONG and the Black LIVEWRONG bracelets
together making me appear as a Pittsburgh Steelers fan
this is not so much as a fashion statement as it is a little bit of a self motivator
both the LIVESTRONG and the LIVEWRONG bracelets have meaning that is close to my heart
LIVEWRONG being more of a clever spin on the LIVESTRONG, having a motto that is close to my heart just the same

now with the tragedy of the Tsunami....
every bit of assistance is vital
such a thing as one of these bracelets will offer a chance for people to make donations who would not normally make a donation as well as offering attention and exposure to a situation that should be kept in our thoughts and our prayers (at least in our thoughts... as not all of us prayers)

but.... how many causes can reach for this same 'gimick?'
I guess as long as people are buying these ornate rubber bands the various causes will continue trying to sell them

chances are if I were a kid in grade school I would be wearing as many of these bracelets as possible.... such a thing could be a great gimick, but could also offer chance to educate
most certainly most kids with these bracelets have to have some sort of idea what the different color bands represent

so... the TSUNAMI RELIEF BRACELET has hit the market

I am torn
my children are young
there have been times where I have considered discussing the Tsunami with my older son Dean who is only three and a half
but withdrew from the converstation after some thought

I do my best to keep the front page of the paper and the graphic images of the news away from my son's young and impressionable mind
with the images come the questions
questions that I may not have the answers for
if it stresses me out... it would more than likely give him nightmares and perhaps give birth to irrational fears

so in an effort to avoid the topic I will avoid temptation on the Relief Bracelet as we have already made donation elsewhere

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DT said...

You should check out Gary's blog (gmr2048.blogspot.com) - he had something on there about another band, the Support the Troops band. A whole $1 out of the $3 for the band goes to our troops - oh oh, but you get this really great green rubber band...if you don't have one of these bands people will think you don't support our troops, you don't want walk around with that on your mind do you...