Zero Points for Good Intentions!

Still time for me to redeem this morning, yes I know, it will not be done here by BLOGGING
with a glance at my watch.... no chance to redeem the morning... but can still redeem the day
today I am scheduled to get into work late.... 2PM late.... AWESOME
a tad bit of a reward for my having to go into work on my day off for a bit on Friday
much appreciation... my boss is cool... no comp day earned.... but rewarded just the same
with the warm weather and the late entry time I sent out the feelers to see if there was anyone else with the freedom to ride in the AM on Monday (today)
came up empty
it would have been work to get to the trails, ride, and back on time... but it did not happen
no one had the flexibility other than me
then, went to the schedule of the Ashtanga Yoga Center to see it there was a class that met my needs and schedule
sure enough there was an OPEN Class at 10am... perfect
when the morning came I balance the scales as I dressed Dean and Grant
the pillow won over the yoga mat
opted to not drink any coffee
just hung with the boys in a haze until Soledad came over to take control
passed off the boys and then passed out
seems that my body needed more than a 15 minute cat nap
thought that I could sleep for a few minutes and still go to that Open class
each time I woke and checked the clock I decided to go back to sleep rather than get up

how often do I get to guiltlessly sleep late..... never
sure lisa lets me sleep late
she is a saint that way....
Lisa is always up early with the boys letting me get a few extra winks of beauty sleep
beauty sleep that always falls short letting me wake as ugly as I went to sleep the night prior
this morning was different
no sound of Lisa hanging and playing with the boys
no sound of dished being unloaded from the dishwasher
no sound of laundry being folded (can I really hear that.... no..... but my guilty conscience can feel it)
just sleep
deep dark dreamless sleep
me and the dogs back in the bed for a lazy morning

with a look at the clock and a measure of what I would like to do
no time for a lengthy prework ride
just enough time to take the dogs for a longer than normal hike in the woods
with the warmth I can ride tonight with lights on my way home from work
the short road workouts do not need to be in the day
for that matter neither do the hikes with the dogs

Dean and I took Roscoe and Brutus out on New Year's Eve with Hutch and Tom
Me with my maglight and Dean with his maglight mini
Dean breaking to rest on fallen trees and large rocks as we did a tracked out look behind Bancroft School and Ingleside Terrace
most people would not risk going into that trail after dark
I feel that the dogs have slowly cleared out the sketchiness

enough ranting
want to get out with the dogs
need to get to work
best I get into work on time

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