Another Animated Gif
from my Archives
(refresh your page to get it to play again.... or read the instructions below on how to save and play the little animated Gifs)

joel as a Hindu god

that is a little piece that I did with Gif Builder
(Gif Builder may be Mac ONLY)
the actual image was taken with my Canon AE1 that is older than me
it was my father's camera before it was mine
the shot was taken with 100 speed film a dark room and an open shutter
(the bulb setting which my Canon EOS seems to lack)
((by "dark room" I am speaking about my lights being off in the bedroom of the group house on Irving Street I was living in at the time))
I had my camera flash in my hands
the room was completely dark until I hit the FLASH after each recharge
I was pleased with the results
the Animated Gif was an after thought a year or so later as I started to try and learn more about computer graphics

and you can not tell from that image
I actually had hair back then

if the Animated Gif does not play for you
you can Right Click on the image..... save to disk.... save it to your desktop... open a new Explorer windo....
then File.... Open.... and Browse to your Desktop and Open it
that is a process that could be valuable to opening any attachement that may not be working for you in the future

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