another bike-less weekend.....

this weekend I was planning on joining an ecclectic cast of single speeders for a Scavanger Hunt Race/Ride event at Patapsco/Avalon
it was a team event with a course that was kept secret like the location of a Rave back when such things were still part of the underground
to my displeasure one of my boys passed off some sort of intestional bug
aside from being weak it was also vital to maintain immediate proximity to the toilet
thought of a wet and muddy course and a wet and muddy set of cycling pants lead me to have to make the mature decision; I had to bow out.

wish I were writing a race report
I wish I were riding
there was a slight rain last night
not sure if it was so much that it has made the earth too wet for responsible trail riding

maybe I will go out of a ride before it rains again this afternoon

the weekend was not a miss.....
worked saturday which earns me a day off in the future
sunday went to the aquarium in baltimore with the wife and the boys
here it is president's day
drinking my coffee and blogging
starting my day
a day that has already involved reading various books to the boys
as well as reintroducing them to various toys

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