another failed PUBLISH AND POST

although I am not feeling particularly creative at the moment I still feel the compulsion to blog....
the blog is funny that way
just like any addiction

an alcoholic drinks to drink not to get drunk
a blogger blogs to blog not for any actual result
just fulfilling that basic compulsion

grade school
more specifically my grade school
Our Lady of Lourdes... OLOL... Lourdes
a strange place in my life
a strange place in time

my experience was lucky
while I was there I was fortunate enough to experience the end of an era
half way through my time served at Lourdes they phased out the nuns
not sure why, but they did
it changed everything and not always for the best
sure there were "lay people" as teachers
the nuns only made up a fraction of the teaching staff
but their presence was significant
a presence that was more than just the black and white habit and black and white uniform
the nuns themselves seemed to have some sort of "super human" powers
some had great strength
some had great speed; which was a sight to see and the sound of those heels on the polished floors as they closed the distance behind me was quite fearful
most had keen unhuman hearing and vision.... some sort of sixth sense
often I wondered if it was the rims of Sister Collumkill's glasses or a hidden mirror
but somehow she could always sense who was doing what...
all the nuns had great teaching ability

then one day they were gone.....

just realized that my previously lost post was actually floating in cyber space
so I will go ahead and chase that tangent down before I finish up with this one


oh.... let me drop a name...
Baltimore Mayor Martin O' Malley went to Lourdes... a year or so older than my sister
we just knew him as Marty...

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