The Banff Film Festival
a great way to start the spring
a great way to get some inspiration
a great excuse to get a babysitter and get out on the town
just a great collection of films

each year for and years..
lisa and I have been attending various lectures and films at the
National Geographic here in Washington DC
one of the highlights each year has been the Banff Film Festival
we have been attending this event since before we were married.... that was a time long ago... to our two small children... it has been a lifetime
to our dogs... it has been a dog's life (which is a great number of years in dog years)

this is a recommendation you will not regret
tour dates for a city near you
the tickets are not cheap, yet I am still attending films on two nights
it is recommended that you do the same
no FLIP ORLEY did not hypnotize me and create some suggestion for me to advertise this event
it is a legitimate recommendation.... a piece of advice I am glad I got and even more glad that I listened to!

the Banff Film Festival has added a film spin off Radical Reels as they felt that they were getting so many high energy sport films that they could not give them all fair representation
as well as they did not want to turn off some of their older less adrenalin pumped viewers

the Jason Berry film starring Jeremiah Bishop and Sue Haywood is just the type of film I would expect to see at the Banff Film Festival or maybe the Radical Reels collection, Offroad to Athens

Flip Orley did hypnotize me.....
Flip told me to tell you that his show is well worth your time and money....
if you lack the time.... he will still take your money
take a look to see when Flip is hypnotizing people in your town
seems that Flip will be in DC early next month, maybe I will have to head over to the IMPROV!

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