bicycle education

just as I feel that we need to install some sort of PSA style education on empathy for car drivers to see cyclists on the streets as people
I also feel that there should be a "bicycle class" in high school just like there is a "health/sex ed class" Mandatory.... everyone takes it.... for a grade? pass fail? I don't know.... they just need to have it
this "bicycle class" would cover riding, safety, and maintenance with a full semester "bike shop class" for credit as an elective for the students who would like to take their cycling interests further

to not know how to ride a bicycle is way beyond not knowing how to swim and I feel that everyone should learn to swim!
how and where a bicycle has a right to be is something that seems to pointed out to some people (it is basically a two ideas.... bikes are not supposed to be on the sidewalks and believe it or not bicycles have a right to be on the road)

if everyone were be givne the slightest education on bicycle maintenance and repair many things would happen...
time and money would be saved....

here in DC it is standard for a flat repair to cost roughly 15 bucks (tire and tube)
that boggles my mind that someone would spend that, yet when I worked in a shop there were families who appeared to be scrapping by dropping off a 60 dollar Huffy to get two flat tires repaired....

if people learned to just clean and lube their chain properly then the riding experience would be more pleasurable; both faster and more responsive

then on top of that there would be those who had bicycles or used bicycles as part of their lives would gain the knowledge to fix and repair bicycles which could give job opportunities as well as expanding the mind to the logic of how things work..... or even more simply... that there is a correct tool for each job....

very seldom should a hammer, vise grips, and duct tape be used to repair a bicycle

nuts and bolts come in various sizes.... and so do the wrenches
the vise grips are not an all in one tool.... the vise grips are a plumber's tool

the sooner the children learn this, the sooner they can start fixing their bikes rather than slowly making them less operable

oh.... patch kits cost less than super glue and an old tube
sure it is ingenious... but it is not cost effective... plus.... your grandma wants her Crazy Glue back so she can fix her reading glasses!

life is cumulative.....
there are benefits to learning
some people are not being taught these things at home so we need to offer them in our schools

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