Bicycling Science
a book published by the brains at MIT

at work people are often sent books for review or for a potential story idea...
actually I can not give a solid answer as why they are sent these books
just giving you my basic speculation
occassionally a book will come in and it will go down the chain and end up on my desk....

some times there are a stack of cycling magazines on my chair without a note
other times there are some books that cover the topic of cycling

METAL COWBOY was a book that ended up on my desk....
it was a good read, not life changineg, but neither is my blog
more recently I stumbled upon BICYCLING SCIENCE
admitably, I have not yet had the brain power to even scan the pages of Bicycle Science
currently battling a bug that my older son was kind enough to pass on to me

this book may be over my head
I will page through it
maybe read some history, look at some pictures, read some captions, blank out each time I see a chart or some sort of mathmatical equation... then pass the book off to my more brainy brother
my brother not only has the capacity to appreciate and understand such stuff.... but he tends to seek such things out
I would doubt it if he has not already seen this book, as it is in its third edition

we are both cyclists with different goals and very different approaches to the sport
he trains
I ride
he prepares
I complain
our approaches are very different yet our results are very similar
in cross he destroys me
in long distance road style stuff... again he distroys me
okay, maybe our results are not that similar
on the average mountainbike course last season I was just a tad faster

his reading various books to develop talents and strengths amuse me
whether backgammon or bicycling.... my brother reads some book and applies his knowledge to give him a desired result
even his croquet style is more advanced due to his background reading

my guess... if the book is from MIT PRESS... it may not be directed towards me
unless they are publishing coloring books

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