so........ was it one of my earlier posts about the creation of the versitile urban single geared bike
maybe it was the post that talked about the notion of the HUFFY/PACIFFIC/MURRAY Walmart/Target style bikes should be 5 speed internal hub with rigid forks rather than useless metal that looks like it could be a downhill bike from a different planet?
either way neighbor, friend, fellow father, and also fellow City Bikes Mountainbike Team rider emailed me about the ROLLO!

The Rollo is a great little commuter by the folks that brought us the wonderful color celeste green as well as a history of beautiful bicycles. Let me think of other great bikes with a utilitarian sense. And to top it off..... there is this ROLLO GUY who is capable of giving people nightmares like the classic vantrilaquist movie MAGIC or the joke of a modern classic Chuckie movies. I dare you to have a staring contest with an occassional click on his nose with the mouse. He laughs with the menical laughter of a gang of boys who are about to show you that you just walked into the wrong place at the wrong time! It is the only real DARK bike in the list. Some are mod, others are punk, some are punk is a sissy morressy way, there are even the bad boy choppers for the kids and for the adult kids like that Rat Fink bike or some of the Electras.

There are the bikes from ELECTRA! Not Carmen, but equally desireable and potentially as much fun to ride, only these have pretty things far few miles on them! There are a wide variety of styles... some cool and others inventive! There is the comfort and funtionality of the Townie, then the hip and cool Rat Rod, and the ultra ultra cool Rat Fink Bike! ah... big daddy roth!

India Bike
... NAMASTE... need I say more?

Then more fashion than function.... the bicycles with a soundtrack... from the other side of the pong (then a little north).... ladies and gentlemen BIOMEGA!
(I have never seen one of these bikes other than hanging on the wall of some expensive NY furniture store)

There is the A.N.T. bike which seems to be asking a great deal of money for my dad's old Raliegh Sprite. Okay..... if I had the money I would own several of these..... guess I am just being bitter. Will you buy me a few of these to make me feel better?

Another link stolen from Gibby's page... the burro bike.... it is an interesting concept.... would like to see one and try one.... to their credit.... like some sort of massive exhaggeration of the mountainbike.

Burley makes some great utilitarian stuff with the family and suburbia in mind
while Joe Breezer went from the hills of Marin and the creation of the mountainbike to the city streets to bring people a great set of commuter options.

some of these more pricey companies makes me want to stress the true utilitarian highend heavy weight champion of the streets has to be SURLY. now this was a list of UTILITARIAN bikes not trying to name cool frame builders, cool single speed bikes, cool 29ers..... even it that is what I just named.... but that was not the intention of my list. I think some mustache bars on one of my next bikes may mold or perhaps create its identity which is its feel*

*back with an edit.... was Blog Hopping and catching up with the Single Speed Outlaw where there was mention of these Jones H-Bars (cool site)

please share more
and I will expand this list
and share not just to expand my list but also to expand my mind
show me things I have never seen or never envisioned

there is something artistic about the bicycle culture
seeing the beauty in function, fashion, and fun

rocco sent me this link to a TATTOO that is bringing up some controversy

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