not sure how recent this is...
but thought I would share it just the same
it reads like a little Washingtonian Magazine TOP TEN list
it is a TOP THREE
it is a review of several guys that mow lawns in his neighborhood...
bicycle lawmowerman who drags his lawnmower behind a bicycle
wheel chair lawn mowerman who drags his lawmower behind a wheel chair
regular lawn mowerman who pushed his lawnmower regular in front of him

check it out

it is a year old
I hope he has given the workers a raise since then

okay... here is today's post.... this guy is a modern day Archie Bunker

but there have been times in my life where I feel like IF MY LIFE WERE A MOVIE? WHAT WOULD PEOPLE SAY?
there was a series of months where I learned my truck was being stolen and returned like some sort of community ZIP CAR
our house/condo was broken into when we were away for a weekend.. dogs and all
then held up at gun point somewhere in there......

there are times when I think about moving......
there are times when I am angry.....
there are things I hate about the city
there are things that I love about the city
that or this guy is really cheap
so I see that the BLOG is a good place to vent a little emotion


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