dopers suck!

lance goes for 7th!
(discovery news release)

transgender athletes?

What is cheating?
There is full agreement that the use of banned substances is cheating...
But what about the use of substances yet to be banned....
the use of stuff that would be banned if the user came forward and told the world what the team of doctors in the lab have been pumping into the individual's system...
sure every athlete is looking for that "edge"
but at what cost?
at what ethic?

if the athlete feels that the use of this unbanned substance (whether it be vitamin or some strange supplement, or some strange molecular compound that can not be found on the periodic table) is fair and legal maybe all athletes should present some sort of yearly update of what sort of special diet/supplementation they are using season/year
that way everything is out in the open....
no one would need to be shooting up in the shadows
no one would need to be sneaking bags through customs
no one would need to be making midnight rondevues to the dumpster to discard used syringes

the transgender discussion was tossed in as an after thought...
although I like to be confrontational.... I do not want to be making anything that appears to be an accusation.....
if I want to make and accusation.... I will just make an accusation

*I am just a recreational athlete....
just a tad more aggressive than your average weekend warrior
one of those racers who is uncomfortably stuck between Sport and Expert (mountainbiker)


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