Broke a Sweat and Broke a Spoke...
and then some ramblings about my bikes in general

A month or so ago I decided to take the Rocky Mountain Blizzard out of retirement...

last year as the 24 Hours of Snowshoe was approaching I looked at the Blizzard's needs and made the decision that his bike would no longer serve my race needs
the many race season old bike had served me well, but was in need of some basic maintenance as well as some upgrades...
after pricing out cranks, bottom bracket, and disc brakes for the front I decided that money would be better spent on a new bike
a simple equation known as "the law of diminishing returns" otherwise known as "a moneypit" came to surface*
*if neither of these concepts make sense to you.... reflect back on my 1984 Toyota Landcruiser that is now out of my possession... FINALLY
the search for a new bike was an amusing panic as the 24 hour relay was just 2 weeks away
I experienced a rushed of impulse purchase ideas that were guided by availability... nearly immediate availability... availability by what City Bikes carries, as they are my sponsor "hook up," as well as what the market has available mid season

early that race season I had introduced myself to the concept of the 29 inch wheel bike for my single speed
another 29inch wheel bike seemed like the only option
so I worked with Manager Mike at City Bikes to have a Surly Karate Monkey built to my needs and specifications
this second Monkey was set to be out fitted with gears and a front suspension fork.... weighing in at a weight that I try not to think about

once the Monkey Landed there was little notice paid to the Blizzard

there were thoughts of taking the Blizzard to Pittsburgh so that I would have a bike up there just in case I ever wanted to ride when I visited the inlaws....
but... I am sure that they are not looking to trip over one of my bikes
lugging a bicycle up would be less hassle than having them step over and around a bicycle that they do not want or need in their house

then a few weeks ago the snow came and rather than putting knobbies on my commuter I just dragged the Blizzard out into the blizzard and the snow covered streets of Washington DC
it was refreshing
of all my 26 inch wheel bikes this one fits me the best...
all the others are awkward for my 6'4" body
so even after the snow melted I was still riding the Blizzard
the clip on fenders were enough to keep me happy and dry
during one of the post work snow rides I broke a spoke

so the afternoon of the morning where I had broken the spoke I left work early and headed over to the City Bikes shop in Adams Morgan....
there mechanic Mark let me borrow the trueing stand as I replaced the spoke
although I have a trueing stand there is something about working on a bike in a "shop"

with the spoke replaced and the wheel brought back to round shop the Adams Morgan shop manager Sean Smith floated through the area and scoped out the wheel
commented on the nice downhill rim on my cross country bike
but questioned the use of 32 hole rather than 34...
I understood his logic and expressed that I wanted to reuse a perfectly good XT hub which happened t be 32 hole
Sean is also an XXL type himself... he understands our needs
he was curious how I broke the spoke
shamefully I admited that at some point I over shifte and go the chain stuck between the cassette in the back and the spokes on the wheels
it happens....
a rookie mistake...
yet it still happens....
he commented that I may need to replace a few of the other spokes that were damaged
being the idiot that I am I ignored him
continued to ride on those old damaged spokes
then sure enough
broke another spoke... which will be replace.... when surely I will either break another one or be proactive and replace any other spoke that may look suspect....

this weekend I should head over to the shop with my wheel....
grab some spokes for that rear wheel.... some spokes for my Jamis Nova cross bike's rear wheel.... look into a new bottom bracket for the Karate Monkey Single Speed...
and get to work in the basement....
the cycle of grabbing another bike when a bike breaks is soon to bring me to the end of my bicycle rope

time to get busy

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