DC Metro Bus Drivers

going to the WABA event this weekend had me thinking of a few things that need to be done to improve the situation on the roads

these days
in my mind it is a sad ugly affair that could be cleaned up pretty easily
we just need to reprogram everyone's minds

no seriously

we just need to reprogram people's thinking

everyone should drive at the same speed and with the same precautions that a person would ask of their 16 year old son or daughter

common courtesy and empathy would have to taught to most people

as far as professional drivers go....

if there is special licensing for the job then that licensing must include some vehicle safety testing and education

there could even due to be some PSA style movies to aid in the education
entertain and educate in the same motion

as I ride around the city I often feel that the metro driver is racing me
racing me and trying to muscle me

when it would do them just as well to drop some of the aggressiveness and not race me to the point of intersection

up 16th
up Conneticutt Ave
up Mass or Wisconsin avenues

any of these local routes in and out of the city
any long commuter stretch is filled with the battle over the right hand lane
cars in no parking rush hour zone... should be ticketed and towed.... clear the flow.... that is a no brainer then everyone

needs to chill a little in that right lane
leave five minutes earlier or just accept that your running late makes more sense than risking someone/anyone's personal safety

I respect the bus driver's intention of being fast and efficient
I think they need to pay a tad more courtesy to the cyclist who are sharing that same lane
it may open some eyes

it may change the next generation of drivers

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