DOA a must see film for anyone who thinks they know PUNK ROCK

okay RIDERX has taken this post to the next level
I have blogged on about my favorite Cycling Movies of all time
now... let me try to recall what movies I watched over and over again in high school
and that is the list that you will get
btw.... my high school 20 year reunion is this year
dam I am old

here is the list
not in any order


DOA (The Sex Pistol's first US Tour)
REPOMAN (as suggested by RIDERX)
Suburbia (a little known film... when Independent Film really meant small budget, a very young Flea from the Chilli Peppers is in it)
Mad Max and Road Warrior (yes, these movies are cool! even if Mel grew up to become a bible thumper)
The Hunger (there is very little that Bowie touches that does not turn to gold)
Blade Runner (all the true geeks love this film)
A Clockwork Orange (you don't need to wait till Halloween to dress up like these boys)

Not so Quiet on the Western Front
Rock and Roll High School (The Ramones. Need I say more?)
Another State of Mind (Social Distortion pre-rockabilly cool and Minor Threat stealing the show)
The Clash 1977 (if you want to hear White Riot 17 times)

on the lighter side of things.... Less Punk perhaps a tad more New Wave

Liquid Sky (I don't know if this movie was any good, but it was always playing on a tv screen at Whispers, Carmichael's, Cagney's, and Posers ((DC Clubs)) when I was an underage drinker)
Duran Duran Videos (gundog99 is not the only one who enjoys Duran Duran)

I found this when I was trying to wind up my collection
the INSTA PUNK KIT has links to these movies.... something that I did not want to bother with.... so check that site out to track down these movies
I fear that the last time I wore tartan red bondage pants.... the creator of INSTA PUNK was not born yet.... which means... I AM DAM OLD!
all those bars mentioned have been closed for at least 15 years

a few late additions....

some honorable mentions that were somehow left off the list.....

Quadrophenia (THE WHO: an amazing film, must see for any adolescent... young or old. Sting is in this film as whatelse.... THE ACE ((the ace face))))

Sid and Nancy (a feature film of the rise and fall of Sid Vicious, if I recall it was pretty good, gary oldman is cocky, but a great actor)

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