Drugs and Sports....

during my lunch I was catching up with some friends and their BLOGS
Cross Tim not to be confused with TimmyP; although they both live and ride in Colorado, had BLOGGED about a racer named Matt Decanio
apparently this guy got fired from his sponsors for his stand against Doping in Sports (more specifically doping in cycling)
at this time I do not know much about it
just scratching the surface
trying to catch up on the history leading up to this moment in the world of Matt Decanio
Matt has started the USADO, The United States Anti Doping Organization

and his other site..... Stolen Underground

it is an interesting story
he seems to be a very interesting character
glad to see someone strong enough to stand AND PEDAL on their own!

it blows my mind
I am an avid cyclist and a low level racer
it bums me out....

on a lighter side of things... ROCCO send me a link to this eBay item
which turns out to be Decanio's letter of termination

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