earlier I blogged on about how police officers and metro bus drivers need an education on the laws of the road and safety in general
(cab drivers may need to have eye tests and IQ Tests)
at another point I blogged on about how everyone should drive just as a parent or the public would ask a newbie teenage driver to drive (full stops at stop signs, no cell phones, more focus on the street less on the radio, keep your speed down, yield to pedestrians, expect the unexpected, know the law obey the law.... etc.)
it has gotten to the point that people need a basic education with anything in life that is not entirely obvious
eating, sleeping, and breathing would be about the full list of "must do" for most people
some people can not even manage that list

the public needs to be educated in all aspects of life
a refresher course on not littering on the streets, maybe bring back that crying indian
then also an explanation of how to exist without destroying out natural resources, perhaps define "finite" for them
recycling and hazardous waste disposal.. seems obvious... yet people do not get it
(I am no saint... my little batteries are often just tossed in the trash... I will try to revise this behavior)

then on a lighter note...
oddly enough people don't realize that the human impact on our local trails is causing erosion at an unnaturally fast level
sure people think they know impact as they unite against the mountainbike presence
things are getting tracked out
and there are no tire tracks to blame
this trail decline needs to be slowed and stopped only to return to a more natural level before it is too late
this is eroision from hikers and dog walkers and runners.... not even the horse trails
(trails here in DC, Rock Creek Park)

there are mountainbike advocacy groups that try to educate
most certainly there are hiker advocacy groups that try to educate
maybe their should be high school field trips to the urban trails
maybe some trail maintenance education and even some trash pick up
if people had to pick up some trash... maybe their eyes would open to that trash
then also maybe these people would grow to appreciate the pleasures of the outdoors and being active

look at this..... there is even a ski/snowboard saftety advocacy group!

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