For some strange reason people have these strong opinions about STARBUCKS.
I really do not get it. Maybe people just feel like they need a common enemy. So, these same people as individuals reach for a David and Goliath approach and attack the big guy. It is always the BIG GUY, even if Mom and Pop are total assholes, people want to support them. As for me.... I want my coffee and that is about that. As for places like Walmart and Target.... I am all for paying the SUGGESTED RETAIL PRICE versus some crazy mark up at some over crowded M&P. Sam Walton seemed like a good guy to me. I drive cross town then across a bridge into Virginia to get to COSTCO and BEST BUY as the local bodegas in my neighborhood are good for some things yet deficient in others.

The same goes for anything that grows in popularity. Whether it be a musical band or a product. Whenever the masses learn of its value people seem to think that the product is no longer organic or that it has become some watered down version of the original. For some reason when a band plays the large arena vs. the neighborhood pub all of a sudden they are sell outs. When fame and fortune were their goals long before they learned to play Wild Thing and Smoke on the Water on their first guitar.

Starbucks Store Locator

there are apparently 63 Starbucks within a 5 mile radius of my home
I am waiting for there to be one 5 blocks!
yes we have a Mom and Pop Coffee House..... well.... sorry Dos Gringos
somehow I still feel that there is room for a Starbucks
in my mind I feel it would help the community on many levels
give a large social setting where people can meet and greet
as well as provide fast dependable service with a tad less attitude

now if someone can explain why I need to tip someone for my House Coffee at the local coffee shop, while at an other store where I go to the counter I just need to pay for my goods!?!??!

have fun with the store locator
see who has the most Starbucks in their neighborhood.....
wonder which city has the greatest number of Starbucks? SF, NY, DC, or Seattle?

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