this is awesome
in theory it is awesome
I am always trying to keep things in rotation
whether it be sharing with neighbors, giving to the homeless, or placing things ontop of the trashcans in the alley rather than in the trash cans
but... this sounds like a more reasonalbe way to do this....
I wonder if their are any crazy junk collectors or horders would abuse this service for collection and sale rather than for use and contribution.... well... not my work......
I may have to check deeper into this

my blog is often an effective book mark or even internet things to do list
oh yea.... you still need to order your brother those clogs!
his birthday was a month ago!

TRASH OR TREASURE DAY in Chevy Chase Maryland is a dumpster diver's wet dream!
although I have not had a good score in years
like an old prospecter
I still have faith in my secret spot!

FreeCycle sounds like a good addition to the world of CRAIGSLIST



these were inspired by a Shaw Blogger's links
yet honestly..... their blog was not my thing
blogs can be so topic specific

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