there is one thing that I am always curious about.... that is history
oddly enough I am most curious about local and contemporary history
the spoken word is often good enough for me
as I tend to be too lazy to read

wonder if there are any good historical books about Mount Pleasant
with that in mind... I may want to contact my friends from Lamont Street and see if they have any old photographs of the Mount Pleasant area that I could blow up and hang in my house....
one Valentines Day some years past Lisa framed a topo map of Rock Creek Park
while currently we are planning on getting a print of that Washington Post cover from 1985 with me sledding at Battery Kimble Park with three high school friends....
a few more things and we could have a great theme going up a stairwell or even in one of the rooms

books... did I say something about books?

Tally's Corner
(elliot le something or other)
I should go through my college text books, as some of the books may still be in the wrapper
among the books read and unread from my college should be a copy of Tally's Corner. It is about street life in Washington DC during the 40-50's. It would be fun to read it now as I am older, know the area better, and have a different perspective on life.

Rock Creek Park

(by some Gail something or other)
This is great... as Homer gave Marge a bowling bowl..... I gave Lisa a book about Rock Creek...
okay, actually I gave the book to Lisa and Joel from Dean, Grant, Roscoe, and Brutus. She is excited about it.... as well am I. This link has some great images.

and why not....

the dc punk kids year book....
a great collection of photos
but just like any year book.... it is just the year book committee's perspective

let me take this tangent a little further in an odd semi historical direction
the history of the DC band Government Issue in an interview with front man John Stab
If I had Joy Ride in front of me right now.... I would definitely put it on my iPOD

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