iPod or iShuffle could lead to an iAccident and possibly iDeath
at least in my iOpinion

we all know the right thing to do
we do not always exhibit better judgement
we.... are people and people tend to be lazy, selfish, and self centered and sometimes stupid

don't think that I am not tempted to ride around listening to my latest playlist
don't think that if I am out on a long ride on a less than trafficked road that I may be listening to something that aids to fuel my mind, body, and soul (as well as break up the monotany)

sometimes we do need to be our own personal directors and control the soundtrack to our iLives

random techo or electronica can work for me
the repetition, the bass, and the tempo can work well to keep me at high power and high reps
a little Red Bull adds to the emotion of the moment
a more specific and not at all techno option for a heart pumping riding experience would be Bad Brains I AGAINST I
but... on the crowded urban streets or on the hectic multi-use trails.....
the whole music thing seems like a bad idea
a bad idea for everyone involved
people do not realize how dangerous the multiuse trails can be
more over
how little it takes to crash
how little it takes to break a couple of bones
not to mention fucking up your bike

I like the sound of my bicycle
the sound of the metallic friction of the chain and the rear cogs
the sound of knobbies whistling against the pavement
the soundlessness of properly adjusted brakes
the sound of everything operating properly
as well as the sound of something may be about to go wrong

we have to listen to our bikes just as we have to listen to our bodies

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