Jason Meggs a two wheeled Rosa Parks?

a little more white...
a tad more male...
(just a tad... )
yet as vital to the cause of cyclists rights as Rosa Parks was integral in the evolution of the rights of blacks and of desegregation as a whole

Jason Meggs is an activist in the San Francisco Bay area who is devoted to the cause of cyclists rights.... his brain child is Bike the Bridge
(okay.... I am not sure if he is the father of this movement, but he is at least the foster parent of the bike the bridge movement)

GOOGLE Jason Meggs if you want to know more about him and the causes that are his passion

in a note from Jason Meggs,
"If you like Critical Mass, you'll *love* the legendary Berkeley Mardi Gras parade, now in its (over?) 13th year!!!"

share this information with your California Connections.... cyclist and noncyclists
let the actions of Jason Meggs inspire you become more active and more vocal in making the world a more safe and more accepting world for those who choose to travel by bicycle

if we all just do a little
and for some
the little contribution that they could make just might be passing cyclists with greater distance and less speed

maybe I will email Jason and do a little Q&A with him so that we can get the full story!


perhaps I can get a little more inspired and learn how I can make a difference in the world around me!

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