in life there are many lessons...
some lessons are more obvious
some lessons are more frequent

on the bicycle there are always lessons to be learned....

a pinch flat/snake bite while out mountain biking is often a lesson in tire pressure, too little tire pressure can cause the impact to pinch the tube against the rim causing two holes that resemble the tooth prints of a bite from a venemous snake

lost of traction while riding the cross bike on off camber, wet grass, or while turning on not so loose gravel may also be a tire pressure issue, too much tire pressure can reduce traction

the education can be a less than immediate process
often having to learn the balance
a balance which is not the same for everyone
the rules of the Clydesdale are not the same as the rules for your average weight weenie

getting caught in the mountains not anticipating the seasons to change being caught without a shell or full finger gloves can create an chilling uncomfortable feeling
just like getting caught in the desert as late as noon in the high season, heat can bring on exhaustion fast leading to what could be a dangerous situation

there can also be lessons that create a great inconvenience
like being caught with a broken bicycle far from home
name the failure.....
in most cases the failure is repairable with the right tools
if it can be fixed there is no reason to be stranded
a cyclist learns fast that a short bicycle ride is a very very long walk!

today I am experiencing a lesson that is a tag more obscure
right now my calf is sore and bruised with a knot that can be felt but is sore to the touch
this bruise is a reminder of my chain breaking last week one night on my way home from work
so if the long scoot and cruise on a chainless bike is not enough lesson for me to know to have a 15mm wrench when riding the single speed
than I have this very subtle reminder on my leg

the bicycle, not unlike life, and offer many lessons some less obvious than others
some metaphorical and some just about the basics

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