Metrobike..... the bicycle version of the ZIP CAR!

at the WABA event I worked the bar with three other volunteers
a happy couple soon to be married comprised of Kim and Billy
Jenn (or was it Kim? all that red wine is confusing my name recollection) works at City Bikes
Billy her fiance is the Crew coach at Wilson High School
both dressed to the letter in Black Tie Letter..... track bikes locked up out front
the third bartending volunteer on our shift was Paul
Paul was the one with all the options

Paul is working to create METROBIKE....
the bicycle version of the Zip Car!
it is a curious concept
I have thought of delivery rental bikes to hotels
house calls.... pick up and delivery for tune ups
(both which are being done by a man with a van... BETTER BIKES)
but not sure if METROBIKE is going to be more self service than rental
bikes locked up at certain locations
not sure about insurance, upkeep, what ever....

I have thought for years that a community would do well to have a "GEAR COOP!"
how often do I use my tent? (tents actually)
how often do I use my thermarest and thermarest chairs?
how often do I
okay you get the picture

the same extends to Baby Gear
these items are used for several months and then no longer needed
if people were part of a Gear Coop they could have a membership
and borrow what they need when they need it
rather than storing it all in their basement for years and years
allowing things to become moldy and unusable

Metrobike is a really cool concept
I would love to see it developed through
I would love to see if work
I would love to see my doubts proved false

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