one last thing.....
we all need to spend more time policing ourselves
less energy trying to police others

so I am headed back from Yoga class this morning
driving my wife's VW Passat, not riding one of my many bikes
I am flowing down the road the same speed as traffic, except I refuse to break 40MPH when driving around the city... it just does not get anyone anywhere any quicker
when some bonehead in an SUV who does not have the balls to put his W sticker on his car
yet we know how his cigar smoking ass voted busts a move
this poindexter passes me on the right and sneaks between me and the car in front of me
then we all queue up a hundred yards later at the light
at which point he hogs two lanes when at the point he passed me there was really only one lane
frustrated with him I put myself is a position where I can see him in his rear view mirror
we make eye contact
but before the light can turn green or I can plot some sort of road rage revenge I breathe deeply
I let him go
I let it go
I let it all go....
where can I go with this?
what can be learned?
what am I doing?
what am I thinking?

blocks later, still on the same street, my street, I am parking in front of my house.... this loser in the SUV with Maryland tags is still the car in front of me, again stuck at a red light.. still the same SUV driving asshole that he more than likely will always be

I am still trying to let him go

as I go to get out of my car I get buzzed by my friend Justin in his custom pastel faux paint job on his Honda Civic beater
Justin pulls into a space a few spaces in front of mine
we get out of our respective Hondas and walk over to greet each other
then Justin tosses a still lit cigarette butt to the ground

one of my many pet peeves!

me being me
I can not resist but I say something
really, I do not have to say anything, I just make mention of the action
maybe even a gesture
Justin goes through a revelation....
as just seconds prior the car in front of him had tossed a empty bottle of YOHOO onto the side of the road
Justin was angered and frustrate by the actions of this other person
He was angered to such a level that he considered chasing this car down and giving them and education
but somehow Justin was not able to see the errors of his own actions

we laughed
and I told him my story about the obnoxious SUV
and how I just wish that such things did not bother me
as I know I can not change other people
as I have a hard enough time changing myself

Justin stomped out the cigarette butt and tucked it into his pocket

it all comes back to the notion of looking in the mirror rather than at others
leaving the policing to the cops unless we are policing ourselves
we should all spend a little more time policing ourselves

I better get dressed or else I may end up giving myself a ticket for indecent exposure

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