ouch my head hurts I think last night I had one too many bottles of wine

my hamstring are a little worn
maybe some good yoga and that long hike with my heavy not so little almost one year old grant added up to be a good workout

dean is now downstairs and calling
gotta cruise

started that entry as I sipped coffee with grant in my lap and dean on the floor messing around
lisa was out with roscoe and brutus hiking on the trails before they thawed

this weekend was major
the family man burning the candle at both ends
lots of family
lots of party
got a great deal done, but would not have survived it without a nap this afternoon
way too much red wine and lots of running about
all good
all very very good

I love packaging
sucker for some good packaging
my friends rob and vida suffer the same affliction
they could not help but buy the Red Bicycletta red wine for Lisa and Myself
love the label
love the name
love the product
that there is a good red wine
yes a very loose use of the word love

it is great when the pieces fit

some combinations are obvious when they are put before you
peanut butter and jelly
beer and crabs
snowboarding and powder days
and now.... bicycles and wine
there are a few combinations that still make me scratch my head like.... bicycle cops

actually I am sort of kidding on the bike cop thing...

I actually think that all police officers should do some on duty cycling as an education to the hazards of the road
it they were out there running their routes peddling instead of driving they would benefit on so many levels
the officers would get in better shape
they would get a different perspective of their "beat" as they would move at a different rate which would guide their attention to different things

then as cyclists they would learn the logic of the urban cyclists
they just might learn how dangerous the chaos of speeding and stop sign running by car drivers is a hazard to all pedestrians, other drivers, cyclists, and even themselves

they may have to pay closer attention to the car drivers
as they would learn that the cyclist is always thinking for two
always trying to anticipate the action of the cars around them before the cars around them know what they are going to do
they may learn to see the pedestrian hailing the cab before the cab driver has realized the potential fare which causes them to erratically cross several lanes of traffic coming to an abrupt halt without a turn or the next or a glance in any of the side or rear windows
they would see the jaywalkers before the jaywaker blindly steps out from between two parked cars
they would see so much more than when they looked at their dashboard and their computer screen

then they too may learn to drive more responsibly around cyclists and pedestrians
their empathy would expand
one would hope....

head hurts from a weekend of partying
friday night I crashed a party at a group house on my block
then saturday night I volunteered to bartend at a WABA event
worked the early shift on the bar and got drunk mixing and mingling during the late shift
saturday day and sunday day were fun packed
there were yoga classes
there were hour long hikes in the woods with the dogs running wild and grant moving about in the backpack on my back
there were trips to the zoo
and trips to my dads
dean even managed to squeeze in his first sleep over at Grandma Carolyn's
it went moderately well
but I feel that the unfamiliar surroundings ended up allowing Dean or my mother to sleep
it was a good weekend

there was also the assembly and sale of a old commuter bike to a friend
there was also the start of cleaning the basement..... baby steps

my basement clean up was the superbowl of clean ups
well... it was not pro... actually it was not even olympic
my efforts were nothing shy of amateur
okay benieth amateur absolute beginner
but a start just the same
these efforts kept me from seeing any superbowl
guess I will check out the other the results at the Post website
don't want to be left out at the water cooler tomorrow

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