Pre and Post race shoes and boots....
something that would be excellent for those rainy multi lap races
like Lodi Farms or Snowshoe (this year's Big Bear)

okay.... shamefully the Cyclocross season came and left without me approaching the starting line once....
well, as the snow falls on the warm wet earth I am thinking about cross....

I was thinking of some shoes that would be great for standing on the sidelines watching the fast guys as I let my heart rate drop to a normal healthy level

this is what I came up with..... MUCK BOOTS.... here is what Elaine from J. Peterman had to say about the Muck Product

a HOT TIP for the Winter Commuter in Wet Weather

a few years ago I saw a crazy cycling commuter at the local health food store in Boise Idaho
as I scoped out his very custom rig we had a pleasant exchange
I noticed he had clipless pedals.... then I saw that his shoes were covered with an inexpensive version of a rubber slip over shoe cover (totes or something from a surplus store)
when I questioned whether or not he was using the cleats and shoes with the pedals on his bike
he showed me that he had cut a square out of the sole of the rubber boot cover
I examined things more closely... these boot covers were more solid than they appeared
almost a hard sole
he said that the water may splash up from a puddle

for the most part they were a good inexpensive way of keeping the feet dry
definitely a custom set up that I had considered before the purchase of the LAKE winter shoes

I hope that this post finds someone looking for an inexpensive option
too many commuters and couriers still putting their feet into plastic bags before they step into their shoes
a good short term fix

this rubber boot cover seems like a much more warm and toasty option!
and not that expensive!

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