secret weapon
my life contains several secret weapons
in an effort to be a faster cyclist most people would train
me... it is all about chasing my two sons and sometimes they chase me

saturday morning while lisa was at yoga I walked the dogs
well, I walked the dogs and I hike with the dogs
with Grant in a backpack and Dean in a sled we went down to Pierce Mill then over towards Klingle Mansion
upon arrival to Pierce Mill we were saddened to see that most of the snow was gone....
Dean was persistent so we pulled the sled.... portaging over the snowless sections
once in the tree canopy of the woods there was plenty of snow on the trails to pull Dean behind me
he was loving every minute of it, digging each obstacle that we cleared, each rock or root he bounced off of, and laughing hysterically each time he was tossed from the sled into the snow
once at Klingle Mansion we were saddened to see that the hill had just a few patches of snow remaining
yet.... Dean was inspired to run on the grassy sections, he told me that the sun made it beautiful
he is correct
the sun did make it beautiful
since there are Park Service offices within Klingle Mansion I felt that it best that I move back into the woods with the leashless dogs
back to hauling Dean and carrying Grant.... there was an occassional slip but I never fell
Dean on the other hand... he fell a few more times out of the sled than he cared to enjoy
his hands were cold and he had had enough.... it was time to for me to head to pick up lisa so I could go to yoga anyway
once out of the woods and back into the playing field at Pierce Mill I pulled both Grant and Dean in the sled
many times they got to slide down a small embankment, Grant grinning widely the first two times
finding it to be fun but old hat for all the times that followed
then into the car
once at the car I loaded up the boys and the dogs and tried to politely exit a parking lot filled with roadies getting ready for a group ride
a wide range or riders filled the small parking lot
most over dressed
many with bikes far beyond their needs

I can hear lisa is out of the tub with the boys
time for me to aid in the bedtime routine

yes.... it is early
we can try

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