some more random blog routes that I took over the last few days....
let me see if I can retrace some steps....
yes... it was that girl from grade school's husband... mr. joel
from there I went to the web presence of jenny toomey
who had that day been mentioned in the sunday source of the washington post
something about valentines day at the black cat
somehow I was within jenny's web world when I stumbled upon another graduate of jenny's high school which happens to be my high school as well.... michaelzapruder.com
michael zapruder is not my high school... bethesda chevy chase or b-cc is my high school
my high school where I graduated from in 1985
michael zapruder not to be confused with another b-cc graduate that I thought was teaching at st mary's college of maryland... but maybe not any more... matthew zapruder..... michael's brother
smc is where i went to college
honestly.... a blog is so different than a web presence
some of these folks have a web presence
which is funny cause I was talking with a journalist friend of mine
and well
this guy seemed to have a hang up about the concept of a BLOG
like.... since he is a journalist..... the blog would discredit him as an actual writer or something
the blog is many things
for him it would be a great archive
for me it is a great outlet
for him... it would be a great way to reference his work

ran into Luis of ATOMIC MUSIC in college park... another local boy from high school
lisa and I had my mom hang with dean and grant while we went out and actually chewed our food before we swallowed it then lisa kicked my ass in Pool at Bedrock Billiards (who also owns Atomic Billiards, not associated with Atomic Music) need a guitar..... the have what you want or almost exactly what you want at a better price than you thought you could find.....
or if you need to make rent.... or need to get a one way ticket out of town.... they buy guitars as well.... luis and I talked about out 20th high school reunion this year as well as a wedding we will both be attending this summer in Colorado.... Matthew Zapruder is also a good friend of the grooms.... I don't know him..... but I am sure to see him there.... who else will be there? weddings are good for pulling people out of their caves

where else have I been?
who else have I seen?

oh.... while talking with Luis he mentioned that Thievery Corporation had filmed a video in his music store.... I asked who was the camerman.... Luis did not recall... last night I spoke with my friend Rob who plays sitar and guitar with Thievery (also played sitar at my wedding.... also records on his own label Fort Knox) When speaking with Rob I asked if he had worked on this video... sure enough Rob was the cameraman in question.... How could Luis not know or remember Rob? Rob is all over the place doing so many things... wearing so many hats!
oh... I think I recall Rob mentioning that the Soundtrack for GARDEN STATE won a Grammy... Thievery had a song on that album... a song that revolves around Rob's Sitar noodling

here is a place to get a taste of some of the sounds of Thievery of ESL

I need a glass of water
now is as good as time as any to cut the shit and head off to bed
before I am too tired to brush my teeth

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