sore in a good way

it is saturday afternoon
Blogging for a few minutes before I shower to wash away my body's natural ESSENCE
I most certainly do not want to go to a one year old's birthday party smelling like a pack mule

right now I am ripe, quite ripe, maybe past ripe!

after a good night's sleep lisa and I were able to get out Saturday morning routine off without a hitch
lisa was able to make it out of the house in time to make it to her Ashtanga I Class at the AYC a few blocks away in Tenleytown

lisa left in a flurry....
she escaped without Grant watching which was good for me

there were boys that needed to finish dressing and dogs who still needed to be walked

none of that needed to happen until after the boys had breakfast
options were presented
options were rejected
options? forget options
we are making eggs!

eggs are easy to make
eggs are good brain food (or so my friend john means tells me)
eggs can be cooked with the assistance of Dean which keeps him entertained
eggs are something the dogs will eat once they hit the floor
eggs are perfect for the morning

Dean and I cracked some eggs, stirred them up in a bowl, and scrambled them up in a pan
it was funny to see Dean's grasp of the the process.... knowing to add milk and some salt

Dean really loves to help in the kitchen
the quantity of each ingredient may be unclear to him
for a chef who is still months younger than 4 years old.... I am impressed
but being impressed by these kids is my job... after all.... I am their dad!
Grant waited patiently in his high chair snacking on some cheerios as the main course cooked and then cooled

with the boys fed I finished dressing them

dogs devouring all eggs that were uneaten as they get to lick the plates
dogs devouring all eggs that were tossed to the floor
dogs are good for something

Dean finish dressing himself on his own as I went to load the dogs into the honda element
with roscoe and brutus on leash I walked down the stairs with baby backpack, baby bag with diapers and food, and my Timbuk 2 Messenger bag that has been demoted to Yoga bag
odd that the modern man needs more gear to go hiking and yoga class than a pioneer needed to cross the contintental divide centuries past
oh well.... such is living on credit in the age of iPods and GORTEX

with the dogs sitting tight in the back of the Element
I rushed in to grab the boys

sure enough
grant was playing in the dog bowl
kibble everywhere and water all over him
the clean clothing I had just put on him was now wet
Grant now needed to be changed

once changed we were in the car and headed down the road to the Melvin Hazen trail in Rock Creek Park
the trail is close enough to walk to.....
we are going cross town to yoga class after the hike so we park in the lot at the trail head
rather than hiking in through the back end

once there we see the parking lot is nearly full..... just two spaces remain.... one handicapped and one for me!
there are running groups stretching and countless dog walkers doing their dog walker thing
the park is a flurry of activity
people are unloading their bicycles from on top their cars and getting ready for various group rides of various demands and ability
I joke with a long and lean roadie about his yellow jersey.... he laughs when I mention that I ran into Lance and he wants his jersey back then we talk about the frame size... looks like a good fit... I offer 20 bucks for a multi thousand dollar ride... he laughs again
he says his polite goodbye and the sound of his cleats click as he rolls away with his legs spinning

we do our hike, Dean complaining that his legs hurt
Dean gets to take a short break then bursts away into a sprint
I am able to get him to hike forward and further
even though he is shrewd enough to know that we are not taking the fastest way back to the car
the notion of going home is often present in a childs mind and being voiced by their little mouths
there is a time to respect this little whine
then there are other times when you take the soccer coaches approach to taking one in the nuts.... "walk it off!"

time is running out
Dean no longer wants to go home
yet it is almost time for the switch
where I pull up in front of the Yoga studio with a car full of dogs and kids
and have lisa come out hand me the keys, blow me a kiss, and point me to where her car is parked
a few words pass...
"how was the class?"
"was so and so there?"

the Ashtanga Open Class is also filled to near capacity
the spots by the heaters are all taken.... DAM!
no worries I will break a sweat just the same

it is a good class
my arms may have been worked from my time on the trails
the inversions were hard for me
the inversions did not happend for me
a combination of my arms being tired and my mat being slick with sweat kept me from having the confidence to get vertical on either the hand stand or the head stand
either way it is a good class, a good work out, and I walk away with a good feeling

a good start to my saturday....
that was the morning all before noon
lets see what the afternoon has in store for us!

this evening?
my mom is coming over to babysit?
we have no idea what we want to do
maybe we will go to a restaurant and take the time to chew our food
it is seldom that a parent gets to chew their food

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