Still wondering what sort of response I will get from the folks at NORBA
perhaps I should say....
Still waiting for a response from the folks at NORBA

Earlier this week I sent a few emails out...

One email was sent to a variety of people on the board of NORBA; National Off-Road Bicycle Association, while another email was sent to a number of race promoters who are throwing the AMBC NORBA sanctioned series that determines the NORBA Mid Atlantic Champion. Both set of emails were centered around having a Clydesdale Class in NORBA mountainbike events. To those that do not know... the Clydesdale Class is a class of mountainbikers each weighing over a minimum of 200 pounds, as far as I know the class is not gender specific, but in my limited racing experience I have yet to encounter a female Clydesdale at the starting line.

The AMBC Mid Atlantic Series promoters were kind enough to get back to me quite quickly.
Not only did they get back to me with a rapid response, but they gave me the answer that I was looking for.... they will be having a Clydesdale Class in their series! While the folks at NORBA are all giving it a tad more time... either they are dwelling on the idea or they just hit the DELETE key (DELETE is a response that my emails are not entirely unfamiliar with) There was one response from one of the NORBA representatives, it was a short and pleasant response that voiced support and a future vote in my favor at any future meetings. It was cool to get an email from this individual as well as getting backing on this issue. But... this was just an individual's response/opinion and not the NORBA boards reaction/decision.

we will wait and see

one thing for sure....
we need to have the Clydesdales show their support by getting out to race at this AMBC race series!
Mark Your Calendars!

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