there was not always the internet
before the internet there were books....
but most people fell back upon word of mouth
me.... sometimes I just talked without knowing anything

when I was young and punk there was this big hang up about "selling out"

so without knowing anything about gary fisher or even fisher bikes
when TREK bought fisher I just without any knowledge figured that this cat was "selling out"
ya know what..... I don't know shit!
did not know shit then
don't know shit now

only then I was a little more opinionated..... yes.... more opinionated
just as most people are when they are young... I was an exhaggeration of myself

I was wrong

gary is cool
gary is punk

I still don't know shit
again... I could be wrong
I changed my opinion years ago
it is unlikely I will change my opinion again
there are just too many facts out there confirming it..... gary is cool

here are some links
Fisher 101 teaches about 29 inch wheel technology
History according to Fisher
History according to the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame
okay... that was the History of Mountainbiking according to the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame
here is Hall of Fame Inductee; Gary Fisher
(the history is worth looking into... hope your afternoon is free.... you may find it interesting)

also cool
and get your Punk GED here

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