they say it changes your life.....

everything "they" say is true
all the good
all the bad
everything that "they" say about how having children will change your life is true

when my wife was pregnant people gave endless advice
go to the movies....
go on a vacation just the two of you...
read a book....
whatever they said.... I ignored
that advice did not make sense until it was too late
the cat was out of the bag.... or the baby was out of the box

who would think that we need to get a babysitter so that we can do something that we once took for granted
a few weekends ago we got a babysitter so we could take a hike in the woods with the dogs
hiking without the boys is a different experience
no weight from the backpack
no worries that a little one is cold, tired, hungry.....

here are some shots from Rock Creek Park

okay.... we can all tell that that is not a real film strip negative
just messing around in PHOTOSHOP trying to find a more clever way to present some basic images

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