tonight was a mixture of events....

tried to rush home to free up soledad and watch the kids before lisa got home
lisa beat me home, guess the weather did not effect her drive as much as we all feared
perhaps the weather slowed me down on my short pedal up the slushy and slick streets of DC

with fresh snow on the ground and the dogs needing to be walked I asked Dean if he wanted to go sledding
99.9% of the time Dean would want to do certain things
there are things that he loves
there are things that he looks forward to
there are things that he really really enjoys
Dean enjoys everything
as much as Dean loves roller coasters (at least the ones he is tall enough to ride)
Dean loves sledding
Dean loves sledding so much that his favorite hooded sweatshirt says SNOW DAY on it

Dean responded with excitement.... YES!.. then started to scamper around to get ready
actually, I was shocked he was not in his snow suit before I walked in the door
we each suited up
at three and a half he is pretty good at getting dressed
at three and a half he is not very good at staying focused
after the usual hoops the dogs were on leash, we had Petzel headlamps on our heads, snow protection head to tow and we were out the door
we crossed the very busy street in front of our house and stepped into my sanctuary, Rock Creek Park
the snow was more shallow from morning foot steps so the trail was not hard to follow to foot path
Dean hung on tight as he sat in his sled and we moved down the trail
in an almost hurmous fashion Dean ran over my hels as the sled picked up speed faster than I could walk
most certainly he wiped out on a few curves laughing all the way, face full of snow smile glsitening
when we got to the preferred sledding hill across the street there were some teen age girls on the trail
Dean and I did not want to cramp their style
but we needed to share the hill
they were more than willling to share the experience
one of the girls lives up the block and we are familiar with each other
they made no mention of the headlamps
the girls walked up the sledding path while Dean and I walked along side the sledding path

in a very teen age girl way these girls were dressed more for fashion than function
they were soaking wet without a piece of winter clothes within a mile of them
no hats
no gloves
no gortex
they were wet and it was dark
drentched head to tow they headed in leaving one of their sleds behind

we had the hill to our selves
like the freak I am I tossed as much snow from the sidelines onto the trail
trying to make the path faster and perhaps give it a little more cushion

dean and I unlike the girls treked up the side of the sledding path rather than right down the middle
is it because I am a guy
is it because I am me
after a few trips down the hill
including one ride down the hill where Dean insisted I ride in the front and him in the back
he had fun
eventually Dean realized that it did make more sense for him to be in the front

after a number or rides down the hill I decided to mix it up and pulled Dean through the woods up and down some small little rolling hills
all the while I was cautious that he did not slip down the off camber sections
that all the times we went over a fallen tree or an anti-erosion barrier that was created by me
that he would clear it or if he were to fall it would not be too bad
sure he fell
but it was part of the fun
we had a blast
the dogs had a blast
snowing all the while
the snow disoriented Dean
he got all disoriented but eventually grasped where we were
after a downhill over several water bars that I built I debated with some other methods to repair these trails
Dean laughed as we flew off each ledge while I clintched my teeth
there had never been a complaint of being too cold
there was mention of some snow in his pants, but not a complaint
in my effort to educate Dean about clapping his hands to keep his hands from getting wet from melting snow I think I may have given mixed emotions
trying to be serious, Dean thought I was being stern, perhaps I was, but it seemed like he could do to learn that he needs to keep the snow from clinging to his cloth mittens
there were no pee breaks
there was no crying or whinning
there was no incident with my dogs chasing a homeless man or a apartment poodle
it was a good experience
it was all good
then it got even better
we got home to a little PHO
lisa and grant went out to Nam Viet to grab some vietamese soup
oh man....
what could warm us better from the inside
we all love it
the whole family eating PHO is an experience
Dean wanting dipping sauce
Dean wanting to know what sauce is spicy, what is tangy, what sauce he might like...
not sure if people get what this little three and a half year old is doing
well.... let me tell you... Dean is talking just like you and me.... it is like a little adult alien dropped on our planet learning about things for the first time.... it is magical.. and not just through his parent's eyes

dinner went its usual course with the dogs getting the lion's share
what they snatch and what grant gives them adds up to be a feast
it was a great bonding session for grant and myself
he crawled up from the floor into my lap to eat what I was eating
Dean is right... grant is a little noodle monster
and ya know ahte. he is a little broth monster too

after that we kicked it in the living room
the snow coming down only visible under the street light
boys going to bed late after finally dressing them for sleep and reading them some books
the boys always go to bed late
we script our own misery
now me going to bed late
we script our own misery

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