no this post is not about the people driving SUVs with the requisite W sticker
this post is about tools.... more specifically Bicycle Tools
I will blog on about those TOOLS later

when traveling via bicycle it is vital that the rider travel with anything and everything that that individual may need to repair their bicycle if something were to break

no, a cell phone is not an "all in one" repair tool!

it is pretty basic really....
here is what I tend to carry-
pump, tube (various sizes for various bikes), patch kit, tire lever (Quick Stick,) bicycle specific multi-tool, and a 15mm wrench (which I was without the other day)
then in the case of a bicycle that lacks a quick release as in a track bike or a single speed there may be the need of a 15mm box wrench
there are other things that should be brought along as well-
spare chain links, master links, energy bar, spoke wrenches, some duct tape, and thirty-five cents to call home
there is a world of tools out there
forever someone is trying to build a better mousetrap
in some cases the mousetrap may not be better.... but it may be more fun!

the folks at SURLY have introduce the world to Jethro Tule
a fashionable option to the standard blox wrench

and the kids at Crank Brothers have their very functional multi-tool
the Alien was the king at one point, but it had more tools than were needed
the Crank Brother's option is smaller and lighter

and of course... PARK TOOLS tends to make a solid product (too many pictures to post)
and while I am showing pretty pictures...
here is the Quick Stick! an old time favorite!

here is a page from PERFORMANCE BICYCLES with many multi tool options

these are the basic tools for going for a ride or for commuting....

racing will have a few changes.....
some swap or add Co2 cartridges
then for touring there may be the need to add various spoke sizes as well as some parts including a spare tire

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