reading bicycle blogs was starting to make me feel guilty
other cyclists blog on about another trail ride in the snow or their experiences on the trainers
so this morning before work I opted to do a quick ride around town....
just a loop around the Capitol Building and back to my office at 20th and M just south of Dupont
set out for a 45 minute loop.... but found myself in front of my office after only 35 minutes
oh well....
better than nothing
and honestly... as I do not train... not sure if I could even define the term "interval"
if I could explain the proper approach to get the proper results
but I do know that the Red Lights cause me to stop and go
(or at least slow down a tad.... it is more like leading and stealing than running a red light)
forcing me to burst into a sprint then come to an abrupt stop of at least very slow
then to burst again
was not feeling the burst that I had intended
spent more time spinning in the middle ring that exploding int a sprint in the big ring
it is winter
it is cold
I am a tad out of shape.... such is the nature of winter
it is my dormant cycle

here are two shots of the Karate Monkey in the winter
I actually rode the Rocky Mountain Blizzard this morning
as I have yet to investigate the bottom bracket issues of the Monkey

the left shot is not obvious.... but if you look closely you can see the White House between the seat ant the handlebars
and the shot on the left... clearly my KM in front of the Lincoln Memorial

these shots were brought to surface as I am sending them to fellow Monkeyman TimmyP
check out TimmyP's Blog and Photo of the day
his world in Colorado is beautiful, interesting, and well documented

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