while I am out dropping names of people from my high school...

yesterday Dean got sick at school... apparently he vomited twice
the teachers and the kids said he "spat up" which I guess means that he vomited
in the morning before school he complained about his stomach hurting
then once at school he had that volcanic eruption that is so common among children
as I child it seemed like one of the school janitors; Mr. Jim or Jimmy, were in our classroom with a bucket full of some funky green sawdust to clean up and scoop away some sick child's vomit
so.... I had not left for work yet so I went and scooped Dean up
it was a bummer that he was going to miss Valentines Day at school
I played through my mind how I could entertain him.....
we drove out to Potomac Yards in Virginia to eat, shop, and catch a movie
on our approach we went straight to the marquee
sure enough there were several somewhat age appropriate films
we settled in on RACING STRIPES
the timing was perfect
before the 12:50 film start time we could go to TARGET to get Grant another birthday present.... this one from Dean
then I could zip over to Del Ray to grab some tacos (Dean was still not eating)
then arrive once the previews have run their course

Racing Stripes was a good film*.... sort of a Zebra Sea Biscuit
which brings me to one last name dropping..... the author of the New York Times best seller, Sea Biscuit, Laura Hillenbrand was in my home room in high school
wonder if she will go to the reunion?

*Racing Stripes was a good film from the perspective of a father hanging out with his three and a half year old.... The Incredibles is a film for all ages!

Seabiscuit the book
Seabiscuit the movie
Seabiscuit the documentary
Seabiscuit the zebra

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