also on the Banff topic
(see.... The Banff Mountain Film Festival even inspires people to BLOG!)

there was a great film on FREE RIDING that included a THUNDERBALL track (track=music to those who are not trying to be hip or pretend that they are in "the industry")

don't ask.... just check the link
then go buy it!

if you have not heard of Thunderball...
you may have heard of Theivery Corporation who are the big daddies on the ESL LABEL

do you guys like the links?
sometimes I am not sure why I bother?

my brother inspired this entry
there is another entry in my head inspired by Ezra
but as Ezra will tell ya.... just because it is in my head..... does not mean it should be let out

oh.... at the banff film festival I saw Jason Berry in the audience.... when he was not looking on gathering inspiration... he was being handed a free fleece after his name was pulled from a hat during intermission

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