electronic addictions

for years I have had various electronic addictions
pong was good.... but lacked that compulsion
it all started with the coin operated video games
there were some crazy moments as a money-less child in bethesda
I was HOOKED! I had to play!
lie cheat and steal... just for a game of Space Invaders or Asteroids
don't insult me with the single joy stick Pac Man
give me the variety of controls on Defender
or get old school with the roller ball on Missle Command
or the spinner on Tempest
okay... maybe a quarter spent on Pac Man if I was out for pizza and there was nothing else to play
it was never my game.... I was good.... but it was never my pleasure

had to play
just had to play

I recall as a small child wandering through Bethesda Square
this was before there was an established "arcade" in town... No Jerry's.... no Games People Play... certainly no Pins and Qs
there were two machines across the hall from the pet store where I would go to watch them feed the chameleons
one time I noticed the glass was missing off the front of the video machine
then I noticed that you could see the coin box
there were all sorts of coins on top of the box
I thought I could most certainly reach one of those coins and play a game of Space Invaders
after all... I was good... real good.... and I had to play... really had to play
the only problem was that you could not look down at the coin and reach through the opening at the same time
so I had to reach down and feel around
there I was with knees on the ground and my arm in this machine feeling around when
and POP!

a shock ran through me and the power went off in the whole building
if the Carosel was running it stopped along with the lights
I was out the back door lucky to be alive
yet only worried about whether or not I was going to get in trouble

now in adult life I have had several electronic addictions...
email has been a good long lasting addiction
recently email has been replaced by the BLOG
not replaced entirely.... email is still a vital form of communication.... but it does not fulfill that need like BLOGGING does
ah.... so I BLOG
I read BLOGS
I write BLOGS
I even have a card to my blog
man I am such a BLOG-NERD would that be a BLERD?

in any case....
so out pops my 20th High School Reunion and along with it I figure MYSPACE would be a good way for people to get back in touch with each other
there was talk of someone building a site
I figured in the time these people start talking about it... we could be up and going at MYSPACE.com
sure I had wait a week before I could create a group.... but that is still weeks before they would even get started on this "said website."

then what happens...
I get this email from a friend who I have been trying to start BLOGGING

there are these.... they are interesting and well traveled
when they travel or have something to say they send out these emails....
I think that the whole story could be more palettable if posted on a BLOG
it would be there to be read instead of deleted
then left their as an archive rather than lost in the SPAM
not every Blog needs to have daily entries....
just email people when some FRESH stuff has been loaded up
they can check it out or they can ignore it

so I am curious.... WORLD66
could this be a better interface than the BLOG at BLOGGER.com?
do I need this in my world?

most certainly not
especially with the new electronic addiction... MYSPACE

here is my MYSPACE PROFILE and the link to my High School Reunion Page at MYSPACE.com....
which would only be interesting to you if two things happen....

1) You know people who graduated from B-CC in 1985


2) Some people start to join up, load some images, and slap those keys to get some info down

I checked out MYROUTE66
it seems pretty cool
I had to back out quickly
could feel that pull
things started to get interesting
then I realized I just do not have the time for another electronic addiction

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