never mind

as it turns out there is a change of plans
the reunion committee is going to create an official website
my MYSPACE experience was short and sweet

perhaps it is in my favor that this electronic addiction is put to rest before it started to control my life

the MYSPACE site had some amazing group potential

it was free and easy to join...

sure the server seemed to be a tad buggy... some difficulty loading images at first

that was cleared up and there have been no image issues since... in fact I swapped out my DEFAULT image to that old animated gif... the Hindu God Self Portrait... it has motion...

then once things started to pick up I managed to catch up with a person or two via the internal email
even made contact with a fellow graduate who I had never said more than hello or excuse me in the hall to
it was good to catch up with her.... it was interesting to hear the path of her life

yes... I had to dodge a few bogus MYSPACE friends... basically the equivelant of a POP-UPS

they were easy to spot out and then easy to DENY/BLOCK

there were the Instant Message Features, a MYSPACE Blog Feature, and of course plenty of room for a profile.... there were forums.... there were bulletins... the capacity to post 10 images

but it took a week for new MYSPACE Users to have rights to use the Forums and Bulletins

this is a protection mechanism against SPAMMERS and pratical jokers.....
again part of the Internet... as the site MODERATOR I could have easily knocked that stuff out

so this is now the unOfficial B-CC Class of 1985 Reunion Page
no... just kidding.. I am not trying to piss anyone off with what may be misconstrued as an ANTI-OFFICIAL Class of 1985 Reunion Page
cause that is not the case
I will no longer be pushing people to join the MYSPACE thing
sure I may miss the MYSPACE thing...
it is no different than FRIENDSTER or DOGSTER
it is no different than a YAHOO GROUP
it just happened go be a good excuse for me to dabble in the technology
as I never really found the interest to do the FRIENDSTER/DOGSTER/TRIBE thing
and ya know what
the kids must be having a lot of fun with the technology of the day
this stuff would have entertained me for hours as a college student
actually.... this stuff entertains me for hours now.... only problem is... I lack the hours to spare

to make contact
to catch up
to learn the path of various people's lives
that was the goal of the MYSPACE thing
these goals will be achieved just as easily with the Official Site

I will wait for the Official Site
I will look forward to the Official Site

I wonder if I have an excuse to create a different group in MYSPACE.... guess not
actually... just realized... MYSPACE is My Space... and the GROUP is something different
I am going to check some stuff out with the MYSPACE WORLD

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