one quick post....

it is good to be back in DC

good to be in the woods with the dogs
good to be on the bike
good to be sleeping in my own bed

last night I witnessed an amazing sunset over the National Cathedral
Mt. Pleasant has some stellar views
as I walked dogless to Tonic to get dinner and a drink I turned around to catch a glimpse of the Cathedral
a view I saw ever evening when I lived on that block of Lamont Street
to my pleasure I was able to catch the last few minutes of the day's sun
the sun set was a massive orange orb
almost surreal
there was no glowing sky along side of this large orange glowing orb
just the orb itself

a friend passed by and I drew his attention to the setting sun
then made mention of my watching the setting sun over the Gulf of Mexico for the last 8 days
he asked which was better
both are beautiful
neither is better
I am just lucky enough to experience them both

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