Yoga Class

this morning in Yoga Class our instructor Gail tried to have us do this little move that she simply called SURFING....
this may or may not be an actual Ashtanga move..... but this is an OPEN class things frequently flows a little more free form than a standard Ashtanga class

it was fun to try....
it was fun to watch...
it was fun to imagine that I was surfing on my Yoga mat
it was fun to see the speed and agility of my friend the Yoga instructor

once again my Yoga instructor, Gail, reminds me of another strong and inspirational woman, former surfing pro Rell Sun
there are so many things that make one resemble the other
the way people are drawn to Gail
the way people respond to Gail
Gail's wide variety of althetic pursuits with high level of achievement in many of these activities
these are the traits that are often used to describe Rell Sun

Gail is inspirational
she is healthier and stronger than most people half her age

in so many ways Gail reminds me of this person Rell Sun
a person I never knew, but only learned about through a PBS documentary

in addition to the personality, the zest for life, and the healthy athletic pursuits... there is also the battle with Breast Cancer

Gail is a cancer survivor
ask Gail about cancer... and she will tell you... "that was last year!"
Gail is all about moving forward
the hair has grown back and her strength seems to be fully back to normal
the treatments are behind her and so is the cancer
sure there are check ups and doctor's visits
but for the most part cancer is behind her... and hopefully cancer is behind her for good

Gail was inspirational as a person before cancer
but to see her take things in stride has made her that much more of an inspiration

Rell Sun was not so lucky....
she was younger when she was diagnosed
it is said that the cancer is more aggressive when it develops in the younger person's body
Rell Sun died after a 15 year battle with cancer
yet.... her approach to dealing with her cancer was as inspirational as her free diving or her surfing
take a look at my review that I posted on the PBS viewer review site
take a look at the links
this movie is sure to inspire you

Joel Gwadz
Washington DC
The film moved me. I had no prior knowledge of Rell Sunn and her life story. I was "channel surfing" when I stumbled on the beginning of this film. I was drawn in by Rell's life philosophies and by the epic surf footage. Then when the story started to unfold I was so attached and touched by her. I wept openly, I weep now.
Her life was an inspiration.
Her battle with cancer was an inspiration.
My life carries no great burdens, her life example helps me to appreciate the wonderful life I have and hopefully will aid me to live life to its fullest.
I am going to buy this film so that the feeling does not fade and so that I can share it with others.
Heart of the Sea is a film that can change people. It is going to go in my DVD collection right next to BARAKA.
After this film I feel as if I lost a friend that I never knew.

go to this PBS Page and read about Rell Sun, check out the preview, and see if it is playing again soon

buy the film Heart of the Sea
this would be a great movie even with its sad ending for anyone who is going through a battle with cancer

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